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Weed prevention measures, Snow Removal & Cleaning

Weed prevention measures

We will provide optimal weeding and weed control services for individual power plants.

If weeds grow tall enough to cast shadows over solar cell modules, they bring about not only a decline in power output but also the overheating of the shadowed portions, accelerating deterioration.
We work with experienced weed specialists to check the weed varieties and their status on site to provide weeding and weed control services best suited to individual power plants. We thus protect customers from losses of proceeds.

Snow Removal

We use specialist technologies to address the risk of power generation losses and damage caused by snow.

In snowy regions, it is not uncommon for no power to be generated, even on sunny days, due to snow blocking the sunlight. The continued accumulation of snow on the modules exerts such a weight that the modules may break. We offer snow removal services performed by specialists and conduct our own studies of snow removal operations and tools.

Cleaning of Modules

We use a cleaning method that is gentle on the modules to remove stains and increase power generation efficiency.

The power generation efficiency of solar cell modules gradually declines as dust and stains accumulate. Accordingly, the proceeds from them tend to decrease. For the purpose of helping solve problems such as these, we offer a module cleaning service as an option. In this service, module cleaning is performed solely by experienced specialists. They carry out reliable cleaning without causing damage to the modules.

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