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Engineering & Consulting Services

For those thinking of constructing solar power plants

The construction of a solar power plant requires numerous different applications and notifications, including an application to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the approval of the project plan. It may also require actions to the local government and local communities surrounding the construction site, land-related procedures including those for woodland development and conversion of farmland, and the preparation of technical materials that necessitate specialist knowledge, including on structure strength calculation.
Some businesses may face difficulties with these procedures despite their aspirations to help mitigate global warming and achieve a carbon free society by erecting and operating solar power plants.
We provide them with support by capitalizing on the experience, expertise and advantages of the West Group in constructing a large number of solar power plants.

For those who own solar power plants

We think that 20 years of stable power generation and the maintenance and increase of power production are essential for the power generation business.
To achieve the stable operation of a solar power plant and the maintenance and increase of its power production, it is necessary to perform regular inspections, investigate the conditions of solar cell modules and other power generation equipment and repair faulty parts. However, these measures are sufficiently implemented at only a limited number of power plants.
Upon receiving a request from an owner, we will undertake an investigation of the power generation efficiency of its power generation equipment and its problems, proposals for improvement and repair services in the name of the engineering consulting service.
To improve the quality of the engineering consulting service, we conduct the joint development and improvement of measuring instruments with manufacturers.

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