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Proficient in Super-High Voltage Engineering

Super-High Voltage

We have a proven track record in handling super-high voltage equipment around the country.

Solar power plants connected to the grid via super-high voltage cables require usual maintenance operations aimed at minimizing accidents or errors, given that their suspension would lead to massive losses and that any accident would have a significant impact on the surroundings. For this purpose, not only chief electricity engineers but also O&M service personnel need to have a high level of technical skills.
We have established an O&M service team consisting mainly of engineers who are familiar with super-high voltage equipment. The team carries out reliable maintenance work and strives to build up its technological capabilities on a daily basis. In the event of any problem with the power generation equipment, we will quickly find the causes and take recovery actions to minimize power generation losses.

We also provide a backup O&M service.

At large-scale solar power plants, it may be difficult for existing engineers and O&M service providers alone to take response actions or perform regular inspections for staff or technical reasons.
In a case like this, we provide a backup O&M service aimed at offering assistance and support to the existing engineers and O&M service providers.

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