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Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays
(except national holidays and the Year-End & New Year season)

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We deliver safety,
reassurance and delight.

We deliver safety, reassurance and delight on the basis of our extensive experience and expertise in maintenance services.
  • We offer detailed explanations to customers on the assessment of power generation systems and the results of maintenance services.

  • We carry out careful maintenance services to maintain stable power generation.

  • We offer services that exceed customers’ expectations.

Corporate Philosophy

We capitalize on our extensive experience
and superior expertise to maintain power plants.

We have technological strength and networks, which help us to stand as a leader in terms of the number of contracts served in Japan.

We have taken care of at least 300 solar power plants since our foundation in 2013. (This figure is correct as of June 2018.)
We have built up solid skills, expertise, and the capacity to respond to natural disasters and constructed our unique network of engineers in a bid to deliver safety, reassurance and delight to a large number of customers.

Experience & Expertise
We have offered Q&M services for at least 300 power plants with a total output of at least 300 MW.

We offer one-stop support covering everything from monitoring to emergency response.

We propose a wide variety of options for ensuring stable proceeds for 20 years.

Our mission is to keep solar power generation facilities, which are important assets of our clients’ electricity utilities, in a proper state in which they deliver their maximum performance. For this purpose, we offer a wide variety of service options, including 24/7 monitoring, emergency response and procedures concerning damage insurance. Instead of merely providing maintenance services, we provide comprehensive support that delights our customers.

O&M Services



We have obtained the trust of banks around the country.

We have partnerships with at least 50 banks.
It is a reliable network based on our achievements.

We have gained an advanced level of trust from banks all over Japan.
We will continue to expand our business backed by our unique network comprising at least 50 banks.

At least 50 banks around the country

The West Group is dedicated to general energy management.

We offer energy-saving and energy-making solutions that are available only from general energy management firms.
West Group
West Group

We have a reliable network with engineers around the country.

We have a nationwide network of engineers to enable us to offer high quality O&M services all over the country.

We have formed a network with engineers and workers around the country. We will therefore respond swiftly to emergency situations and minimize losses of proceeds.

Nationwide Network