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Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

The West Group makes the following declaration for the purpose of preventing damage caused by anti-social forces (groups or individuals that pursue economic benefit by making extensive use of violence, force and fraudulent means).

  • 1. If confronted by anti-social forces, responsive action will be carried out by the entire organization of the Group, rather than by specific persons in charge or individual units.
  • 2. The Group builds close relationships with outside organizations such as the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations and lawyers in order to eliminate anti-social forces.
  • 3. The Group will refuse any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces by rejecting business relationships or any other relationships with them.
  • 4. In confronting unreasonable demands from anti-social forces, the Group will implement legal measures, both civil and criminal.
  • 5. In absolutely no circumstances whatsoever are any transactions that would result in the concealment of facts to be undertaken or funds to be provided to anti-social forces, even if unreasonable demands from anti-social forces are based on a scandal during the course of the Group’s business or a scandal involving employees of the Group.

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