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Emergency Patrols

Measures against Natural Disasters

We will work to minimize the impact of natural disasters on power generation.

Japan is known to be prone to natural disasters. In this country, preparations for natural disasters and appropriate response actions after their occurrence are crucial for minimizing power generation losses.
We will carry out extraordinary inspections after typhoons and large-scale earthquakes that may affect power generation equipment, and thus immediately verify the status and collect information that we will provide to customers.
If the equipment is found to be faulty at the time of an emergency patrol, we will make arrangements for repair work to be undertaken in a bid to achieve restoration within the shortest possible period of time.
We also offer insurance policies that cover many different kinds of damage in order to help customers prepare for natural disasters.
* Service details vary depending on the contract plan.

Major events after which emergency patrols are conducted and check items

〇 Large typhoons: We check whether a strong wind blew the solar cell modules apart or whether it caused any equipment to fall down.
〇 Major earthquakes: We check whether powerful tremors toppled any power conditioner, platform or other power generation equipment or if the module platform subsided as a result of cracks in the ground or ground liquefaction.
〇 Heavy rain (including local heavy downpour): We check whether the power generation equipment was inundated with a large amount of rainwater.
〇 Other events: We estimate and check the possible impacts of individual events on the power generation equipment.

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